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Election Day January 5th

Find Your Ride to the Polls

We cannot afford to sit at home and think our vote doesn’t count or isn’t important—EVERY voice matters. We need EVERY Georgia voter to vote on January 5th. 

The way you vote on January 5th will set the tone for the future of Georgia. We need safer, cleaner, more affordable energy for this state and we need your help to make that happen. Make sure to Check your Voter Registration Status then Find Your Polling Place and use the information below to get a Ride to the Polls. 

Find a Ride to the Polls

Ride Share 2 Vote

Drivers will pick you up, give you a safe ride to your polling place, wait for you to vote, and bring you back. Accessible Rides Available.

Call: (888) 977-2250

More Details or to request a ride online

The People’s Agenda – Ride To The Polls

Use an online form to request a ride to the polls throughout the state of Georgia.  You can also volunteer to give rides through this site as well. Accessible Rides Available.

Request a ride online

Rides To The Runoff

A group of volunteers dedicated to providing safe, free rides to the polls to anyone who needs transportation for the Georgia Runoff .

Call: 1 (800) 590 VOTE

More Details or to request a ride online


Put in Uber Code: VoteGA for Free Rides to get a free ride to the polls.


Put in Lyft Code:  GARUNOFF  for 50% off your ride to the pools

Why we need to elect Daniel Blackman to the Public Service Commission


Georgia has the 8th highest energy rates in the United States

We need a commissioner who cares about working families and will protect our right to safe and affordable energy.

6 million tons of coal ash is polluting Georgia's ground and water streams every year

We need a commissioner who will fight to protect the health and safety of our communities.

Only 2% of Georgia's energy is sourced from solar

We need a fresh voice at the PSC who will invest in clean energy solutions that will boost Georgia’s rural economies and create healthy affordable energy options.

Rural Georgia internet deserts have left half-a-million homes and businesses behind

We need a commissioner who will advocate for an aggressive expansion of broadband services through out the state. Whether you’re working from home, running a business, learning online, or ordering perscriptions access to working internet is essential.

Uncapped spending on plant Vogtle has cost Georgia rate payers $14.5 billion and counting

We need a commissioner who will protect the wallets of Georgia rate payers and advocate for fiscally responsible spending measures.

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