Bring high-speed internet to all 159 Georgia Counties
Daniel will work to create a connected Georgia bringing wireless and high-speed internet to cities, rural, mountain, and coastal regions to ensure that all Georgians, regardless of their zip code, have efficient and reliable internet connectivity.



Far too many rural Georgians are being left behind because they don’t have access to high-speed internet. According to a 2016 Federal Communications Commission report on broadband deployment, 25 percent of our rural neighbors are without access to high-speed internet. As a Public Service Commissioner, Daniel will play a critical role in strengthening rural Georgia.

Access to high-speed internet is critical for Georgia’s workforce and our economic mobility in the 21st century. High-speed broadband internet is also essential for our small businesses, to improve access to quality healthcare, to spur economic development, and to ensure that all of our children, regardless of their zip code, have efficient and reliable internet connectivity.

In short, Daniel believes Rural Prosperity cannot truly exist without expanding access to broadband in rural communities. He believes investing in the expansion of rural broadband is as vital as rural electric and telephone networks were decades ago. Rural Georgia needs a new deal. It is time we had a commission that worked to prioritize broadband to every small town and forgotten county throughout Georgia. Daniel will work tirelessly to bridge the gap between Georgia’s poorest counties and our most prosperous. We can no longer leave behind our neighbors in rural Georgia. When Georgians are connected to high-speed internet, productivity and prosperity increases. Help Daniel connect Georgia’s 159 counties.

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Georgia Public Service Commission, District 4

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