4th Of July


04 Jul 4th Of July

WP_20160704_11_20_55_ProAside from celebrating his wife’s birthday, Daniel spent the Fourth of July marching in the annual 4th of July Steam Engine parade and introducing himself to North Georgia voters. He passed out flags, shook hands with on lookers along the parade route and even handed out water to those sitting in the hot sun.

Large groups of supporters lined the streets waving flags and cheering as children, including Daniel’s three sons, riding on the democrat float tossed candy into the crowd.  Along the route Daniel stopped and reflected on how far Forsyth has come as he passed over the same streets where a racially mixed group of protesters led by Hosea Williams in 1987 was met by hate and bigotry.   Now the same streets where filled with a diverse group of people from all over North Georgia celebrating and enjoying the festivities together.  The hate had been replaced with hope, optimism, and joy.

As the parade continued you could often spot Daniel weaving in and out of the crowd taking a special moment to shake a veteran’s hand and listen to a good story or two and usually a sound piece of advice to go along with it.  As the son of an Airborne Ranger Daniel made it a point to thank each and everyone one of the 25 veterans he spotted along the way for their service.

Daniel’s next stop is in Washington D.C. where he will attend a White House meeting with the EPA to discuss energy equity and how to use renewable energy to power rural areas throughout America.

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